Keep Gilpin Blue




It's easy to get involved. I welcome help of all kinds in my reelection campaign. If it makes sense for you, click the DONATE button. It will take you to Act Blue where you can make a financial contribution. It's not healthy for us to knock on doors this year, but do talk about how important it is to re-elect me with your friends and neighbors when you see them. We'll also be making phone calls closer to election day, if that's more your style.


However you'd like to help, if you have a question, or if you just want to chat, here's how to get in touch:



Don't forget all the other great Democrats up and down the ballot who need our support. The Gilpin County Democratic Party is a well-oiled campaign machine. Join in the fun of electing fellow Democrats by volunteering for  a wide range of campaign activities.

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ELECTION DAY is November 3.

Register to vote at Ballots arrive in your mailbox starting on October 9.

Drop your ballot off at one of the County ballot boxes in Rollinsville, the Community Center, or the Court House, or vote in person at the Community Center in mid-County (NOT the Old Courthouse in Central City.)